Projects 2013-14 Projects 2014-15 Projects 2015-16 Projects 2016-17
1. ISmoke Program – A national program to create awareness on non-smoking among youth 1. RTI Awareness Campaign – A program conducted by IIT Mumbai in Affiliate colleges of 15 cities across  India to raise awareness on RTI . The program was supported by MYMStars . 1. Computer Lab Program.

2. Bird Feeder Program

3. Third Eye and Mid-Brain Activation Program

1. Yog Shivir – Health related campaign2. Karnataka Prantiya Training Camp – Members Personality Development Camp.3. Stars Award Distribution for 2015-16

4. Startup Conclave – 100+ startups attended this program.

2. Jago Janmath – Vote Awareness Campaign for Karnataka assembly elections 2. Kids Awareness Program – A program to create awareness among young kids about cleanliness and also help the underprivileged kids 4. Teej Celebration

5.Anand Sabke Lie – Diwali in Orphanage

6. Diwali Cultural Program

5. Rishta – Ek Suhana Safar – Training program for married members6. Independence Day7. Ganesh Chaturthi
3. Visit to Shravanabelagola – A place to learn about Jain culture and of course, have fun! 7. Holi Celebration 8. Diwali Sneh Milan9. GST- The Game Changer – Joint Comissioner of VAT along with other well known dignitaries shared their knowledge on new upcoming Tax Regime in indirect taxes.
4. Youth Culture Exchange Program 8. Online Kannada Classes 10. Cancer Awareness and detection Camps – A very big campaign where thosands of people were diagnosed for Cancer at zero cost.11. Team outing at Jain Farms – Member Outing Program12. Holi Sneha Milan
5. Emergency Contact Number flyer – Distributed verified contact numbers of emergency services to large section of people in the society 9. Mobile App Launch-1st branch of AIMYM to have its mobile app in November 2015. 13. Dandiya Utsav14. Anand Sab Ke Liye – Members celebrated diwali with under-priviledged children.


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