Vision & Objectives

Our Vision -

‘MYM STARS’ is a group of young, enthusiastic and dynamic Marwari professionals who are self-motivated towards social welfare. Though we come from different background, upbringing and skills, we share one thing in common – our zest for social upliftment. Today’s society, more than ever, is faced with complex issues and requires educated and energetic people like us to find innovative solutions.

Apart from the above, we also aim to create a platform where marwaris, staying in Bangalore miles away from their home, can network with people from their own community, enjoy social functions and also find a way to stay connected with their own culture.

Our Objectives (Year 2014-15)

  1. Helping underprivileged children, especially in the rural areas
  2. Create a platform where marwaris away from home can still keep in touch with their culture and community
  3. Sharing knowledge and experiences which can improve our current lifestyle
  4. Creating awareness about the current lifestyle trends & discussing on key social issues like water conservation, importance of casting vote, green energy, usage of RTI, female foeticide, stem cell banking etc. with young professionals
  5. Conducting social welfare programs in Bangalore
  6. Expand our organization by increasing the member strength so that we can take up larger projects and create a greater impact in the society
  7. Provide networking opportunities among our members and their families
  8. Grooming of members of our organization
  9. Participate in solution discovery process for pressing issues in society

Last but most important, adding fun and joy in each other’s lives through social gathering, meeting and achieveing personal, professional and social  objectives of life.

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